Why TeamLogic IT Franchise Is a Better Bet Than IT Consulting

Owning and operating a multifaceted managed IT services franchise provides more income opportunities than a limited-scale operation

Many TeamLogic IT franchise owners come to the business after successful careers in a wide variety of other professions. A fair number also have operated their own consulting firms, sometimes in the IT field itself. Why the switch? TeamLogic IT offered them more.

“When you are a consultant, you are brought into a business for a specific reason,” explains Chuck Lennon, Senior Vice President. “That might be to help fix a major problem, to give input on a way forward for a particular corporate goal. Whatever the case, it’s usually a limited window and then you’re back out the door. There’s no real chance to foster a relationship.”

Trusted partnership model yields ongoing results

A TeamLogic IT franchise owner, on the other hand, has a seat at the table with clients and is a part of the ongoing conversation around all things IT-related. That covers the nuts and bolts of getting new desktop devices or tablets set up, to changing out server racks and protecting against cybersecurity threats.

“A big part of why TeamLogic IT’s managed IT services model has been so successful is that it gives clients a single source for all their technical issues — now and in the future,” Lennon says. “They know who to call and know that they’ll get the answers they need to keep their operations going smoothly and profitably.”

Longtime client relationships grow business

Those interactions over time yield many results for a TeamLogic IT franchise owner that a one-off consulting practice would not. For instance, a referral for TeamLogic IT means the opportunity to bid on a wide variety of work that might start with a break-fix issue, but soon develop into a more robust managed IT services contract. For a consultant, the path would be more narrow.

“If you’re great at one thing, you’ll get work,” Lennon says. “But if you’re great at a whole suite of things, you’ll hear from more people with a wider variety of needs. That creates the opportunity for more business, from more clients, and a much greater revenue stream.”

TeamLogic IT is the technology franchise small and medium-sized businesses increasingly rely on for turnkey support. TeamLogic IT’s managed IT services contracts give clients peace of mind around their technology needs, and provide franchise owners with a steady, predictable revenue stream. The company now serves a wide and growing variety of clients in every business sector, from tourism and hospitality to healthcare, legal and accounting.  Along the way, TeamLogic IT has grown to nearly 200 locations around North America and continues to expand in both new and existing markets.

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