What Will Drive the IT Industry In 2015?

Mobility, security and the cloud will continue to dominate conversations as businesses look to maximize their IT investment

In the world of IT, it’s not about a single device but about how multiple platforms and systems work together to drive business operations. TeamLogic IT franchise owners know that, and that’s why they’re gearing up for a 2015 that will have many different drivers for success.

“First of all, banks are starting to loosen the purse strings, so businesses will be borrowing to fund IT as much as anything else, because that’s taken a back seat over other operations in recent years,” says Chuck Lennon, TeamLogic IT president. “But we’re also going to see a lot happening in three other key areas: mobility, security and the cloud.”

Mobility matters, but security matters more

Businesses want to leverage phones, tablets and other mobile technology as much as possible, but the raft of credit-hacking scandals major retailers (and their cardholders) endured in 2014 were an object lesson in how easily system security can be breached. The solution? A trusted partner, such as a TeamLogic IT franchise, who’s there to make sure everything runs properly, and that its defenses are as strong as possible.

“IT gets more mobile by the day,” Chuck says. “The Millennials have been brought up with it, and as they move into business they want tablets and laptops, not desktop units. It’s low cost and high speed, and that opens up a lot of possibilities for us in terms of sales and service.”

Still, Chuck cautions: “Security must be paramount. Companies are realizing that they must be more careful than ever about how secure their data is. Who has access? How is that security maintained? And if they have a data breach, what happens? This is where TeamLogic IT franchisees can really make a difference. We can bring in plans for a sound business continuity solution so that if something does occur, that business can be back up and running. It’s what we do for a living. Better still, we can help them prevent those breaches, as best as possible, from occurring in the first place. We go in, consult and help those clients figure out what their best solution is, both in terms of their IT equipment and its security.”

The cloud is here to stay

Cloud computing is on everyone’s “must have” list, thanks to media saturation around the terminology, but many businesses don’t know what the cloud is — only that they’re supposed to have it. Again, TeamLogic IT to the rescue.

“Companies are struggling because they hear about this thing, and they have no idea how to leverage it,” Chuck says. “Small businesses are coming to us and asking for consultations around the cloud — they want to know if they are a good candidate for it, and if they are, how do they get there, and how do they keep everything secure once they’ve arrived? It’s all part of the managed IT services that TeamLogic IT provides so well.”

Capitalizing on these three trends, and having answers ready when the calls come, will help every TeamLogic IT franchise succeed in 2015, Chuck predicts.

“There are strong business opportunities behind each of these trends, and that’s good news for all of our franchisees,” he says. “And what’s going on now is only fueling everything else that we do in terms of service and support. Everything I am seeing now is only going to increase the value of our overall integrated, managed service solutions, the kind of project work we do every day.”

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