Work From Any Device Creates Challenges, Opportunities for TeamLogic IT Franchises

From tablets to phones to PCs, cloud-based systems to backroom server racks, companies want all their devices connected. It’s doable.

Not so long ago, a computer wasn’t in a room — it was the room. Now all that power can be in the palm of your hand, but it takes someone like a TeamLogic IT franchise operator to maximize today’s technology.

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise owners know the value of multiple-device operations.

Multiple platforms pose security risks

“Our clients are moving from PCs to tablets to mobile devices at a rapid pace, and their dependency on that mobility has never been greater,” says Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT. “Where we come into play is ensuring that our clients are able to leverage their mobile devices, but also provide them with guidance on data security as they move information back and forth.”

These services go hand in hand. Because TeamLogic IT franchise owners provide managed IT services, they are in on the conversations businesses have when they are looking at, say, getting tablets for the entire sales force. It’s TeamLogic IT who asks the nuts-and-bolts questions about training, secure data transmission, device backup, policies around employees who leave the firm and more.

Strategic conversations yield sound strategy

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise techs can create a multiplatform strategy for any IT operation.

“We’re talking about business growth via mobile computing, and those are conversations we weren’t having even a year ago,” Chuck adds. “But that’s the nature of strategic planning, and that’s what TeamLogic IT brings to the table. A lot of our clients have an idea of what they want, but they have no idea how to initiate the conversation.”

As an example, he points out that if there is no security system in place, an employee with a company phone who opts to go to work for a competitor could quickly and easily download a lot of sensitive information and take that along to the new job. A confidentiality agreement is one way to fix to this issue, but having an internal, technological way to power down that device remotely is an effective tool.

There’s also the need to have a solid information-sharing platform locked down, so that field operatives using tablets can quickly and easily communicate with each other not just via email, but through a main site that keeps them all up to date with project status information and other vital data.

“TeamLogic IT franchise owners think about all the possibilities; that’s why we are a technology advisor, not just a vendor,” Chuck says. “We play a strategic role rather than a transactional one, and that’s why businesses turn to us when they need to step up their engagement with technology.”

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