TeamLogic IT Franchise Review: Sciences Company Gets an IT Boost

President of Pickering Laboratories offers TeamLogic IT franchise customer review

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For 30 years, Pickering Laboratories Inc. has been helping protect lives. The company’s chemists, engineers and management team work together to provide equipment and chemicals that help detect possible contaminants in crops, as well as amino acids that can alert doctors to illness in patients. Biochemical and environmental sciences are hypercompetitive fields, and while the company’s scientific know-how is strong, it became clear a few years back that its computer systems were not keeping up. Company President Jim Murphy hired a local company to fix it. He shares his story in this TeamLogic IT franchise customer review.

“For many years we had a private individual who was retired to take care of our IT system,” Murphy says. “He helped set up everything and would come in and troubleshoot.”

By 2011, it became obvious that this person wasn’t capable of keeping Pickering’s technology up to speed with its competitors.

“It wasn’t any one crisis, but continuous events where we would find we weren’t staying abreast with what was out in the field,” says Murphy, who has been with the Mountain View, CA-based Pickering Laboratories for 23 years. The company sells its instruments and chemical solutions in 150 countries and just launched a new website. They sell direct, as well as through 87 distributors worldwide. “We couldn’t update our systems to have what our neighbors in the industry had.”

Jon Simms of TeamLogic IT of Mountain View gives a presentation about business phone systems. / IT boost

Jon Simms of TeamLogic IT of Mountain View gives a presentation about business phone systems.

Murphy scouted out a few providers. His decision came down to the Mountain View TeamLogic IT franchise headed by Jon Simms and Adrienne Wong and another company, with the deciding factor being face-to-face availability.

“I wanted someone who could walk into my business and help us and be hands-on,” Murphy says. “The other firm sounded very corporate and remote.”

TeamLogic started by assessing Pickering’s current systems, which serve a staff of 20, including one employee who works remotely from Montana.

“Jon started by taking a snapshot of everything and brought me back a report,” Murphy says. “That was nice, because it helped us see where we stood and what needed to be done.”

Murphy’s initial priorities were to make sure all necessary data was backed up regularly, and that email and website services were uninterrupted.

“We had a big shopping list of things we wanted done, and Jon helped us come up with a strategy,” says Murphy, “We have an in-house server system, and TeamLogic brought us up to the cloud with our backups.”

TeamLogic’s staff also showed Murphy that Pickering Laboratories didn’t need to buy a lot of extra equipment to make their IT stronger, they just needed to bring their current equipment up-to-date. The company’s email was also migrated to Microsoft Exchange, and hardware and software were upgraded.

The improvements made the network much stronger, which has allowed Pickering to work more seamlessly with the remote employee they have in Montana.

“They helped us get that connection working better than it ever has,” Murphy says. “And that’s made a difference in that employee being a part of everything we’re doing here.”

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