Why It’s Important to Be More Than a Computer Repair Franchise

By moving beyond “break-fix” work and into managed IT services, TeamLogic IT franchisees can build a strong revenue stream

As businesses of all sizes ramp up their operations as they grow, many are falling short in one key area: IT services.


More often than not, small and medium-sized business owners are stumped by their IT needs. Even if they do have an IT person or department, they may not have the resources or knowledge to perform all system maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

Many businesses rely on quick-fix IT repair businesses who swoop in when things have already gone haywire — after a data failure or system shutdown. Not only do those businesses face a big repair bill, they also have to endure even costlier downtime.

That’s where TeamLogic IT is different. Our franchise operators specialize in managed IT services, in addition to one-time service calls. It’s a better way of providing IT support to clients — instead of waiting for something to break, we provide ongoing system maintenance and troubleshooting. We also take the time to understand the businesses we serve and make recommendations about how they can use technology to become more productive and secure. Managed IT services are provided as part of a service contract. For customers, the contract means they have predictable IT expenses and are unlikely to be caught off guard by an IT emergency. For a TeamLogic IT franchise owner, the managed IT service contract provides a recurring revenue source that makes the IT franchise easier to grow.

Trusted partner relationship means long-term success
It’s impossible to overstate the value of the technology-consultant relationship that comes out of a managed IT services contract. Most small businesses tend to ignore their IT until it implodes, or until their systems have become so outdated that they are eager to upgrade. Of course, when a system fails, or becomes unbearably balky, it has a negative impact on a business.

When a TeamLogic IT technician visits that business and solves their problem (especially a business that relies on seamless functionality), he or she is greeted as a hero. When that same technician comes around regularly with solutions and innovative ways to make existing technology do more, an even deeper relationship is forged.

Customers getting that kind of service will stay with the franchise for years.

Managed IT services provide regular monthly franchise income
Recurring revenue from long-term customers provides TeamLogic IT franchise owners several advantages. First, marketing: Other IT franchises are built on a device repair and service model, which means revenue is unpredictable. Not only does the franchise owner not know what’s coming in the next day, he or she must spend a small fortune on marketing just to ensure a (hopefully) steady stream of business.


Worse still, this single-sale model means that when those customers are gone, they are gone — until the next time their computer or system breaks down. What’s more, these franchises are seen as just the repair guys. A TeamLogic IT franchise, however, is seen as a trusted partner. Why? Because with managed IT services, our techs not only repair problems when they happen, they also troubleshoot systems, make recommendations, install and perform upgrades — and much more.

TeamLogic IT is a technology consultant — not just a repair business. We forge deep relationships with our customers that offer tremendous value to both sides.

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