Napa Valley Earthquake Demonstrates Value of TeamLogic IT Franchise

How did TeamLogic IT Franchise owner Steve Hinch handle a natural disaster? By making sure clients were prepared ahead of time.

Steve and Nicki Hinch received a TeamLogic IT franchisee of the year award from President Chuck Lennon.

Steve and Nicki Hinch received a TeamLogic IT franchisee of the year award from President Chuck Lennon.

Most people who were shaken awake by the Napa earthquake on Aug. 24 wouldn’t categorize it as “almost a non-event.” After all, the 6.0 quake caused an estimated $300 million in damages, much of that to businesses. But for the businesses working with TeamLogic IT franchise owner Steve Hinch, advance planning prevented business interruptions.

The quake jolted Steve awake at 3:20 a.m. Pacific time. Once he knew his own home was okay, he logged into TeamLogic IT’s managed services platform to check his clients’ status.

“Having this cloud-based service, which means I can log into it anywhere, was great,” said Steve, who opened his IT franchise four years ago. “I fired up my laptop and logged in, so I didn’t even need to go into the office to check on things. I was able to quickly confirm that all of our clients were up and running.”

Managed IT services means preemptive maintenance

The area hardest hit by the quake spent a day without power, so one client was offline for a short period once its battery backup ran out, but the servers themselves were fine, Steve reports.

Other clients also were in good shape thanks to the managed IT services contracts they have with TeamLogic IT. Because Steve and his team had been working with them not only for everyday operations, but also disaster planning, serious problems were prevented.

“We have a client in the emergency services area with a fairly large server room, and their previous provider had not done a very good installation,” Steve explains. “Some of the problems we didn’t even discover until we were taking it apart. The racks hadn’t been bolted to the floor, so if the quake had come while that setup was in place everything would have hit the floor and really caused problems.”

The TeamLogic IT franchise team installed more stable, four-post racks (compared to the two-post ones that they found), bolted those to the floor and in general created a framework much more suited to supporting heavy servers. They also installed a bracket system that anchored the racks to the wall on either side, giving more support for horizontal movement as well as vertical shaking.

“We were able to do a similar install for another client, because their situation was similar,” Steve says. “In both cases, and with other clients as well, we really focus on making their setups much more stable in the event of an earthquake.”

IT franchise’s strong customer support offers peace of mind

Steve also sent out emails or made calls to clients the morning of the quake, even though it was a Sunday, and by Monday he’d reached everyone to make sure all systems were operating as expected.

“Even if they were up and running, I offered to have a tech come out and take a look at things to allay any fears,” he said. “Nobody took me up on it, but they all appreciated the contact, and that we were looking out for them.”

This is the kind of customer service TeamLogic IT customers expect, and it’s one of the many reasons why Steve picked up Franchisee of the Year honors at the 2014 TeamLogic IT Owners Summit earlier in September.

“Even though our clients didn’t have a lot of damage, hearing from us allowed for a conversation about their current setup, and what they might need to enhance,” Steve says. “We have talked to a lot of people who are getting server maintenance done again, and we’ve sold some backup devices for people who worried that their existing backup solutions might not survive the next earthquake, or who want to strengthen the solution they have in place. This tells me that we can live up to our promise to provide comprehensive solutions that fit a lot of IT angles, but also that we’re doing what we are supposed to. If I’d gotten a lot of calls about clients having problems after the quake, that would have meant that we were not doing our job.”

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