TeamLogic IT Customer Review: ‘We Have Peace of Mind for the First Time Ever’

TeamLogic IT of Columbus unravels a permitting company’s IT nightmare

Custom Permits helps truckers navigate a patchwork of regulations in order to get the permits they need to operate legally on the highways. TeamLogic IT solves a major IT challenge for the company. (Photo courtesy of KW Heavy Hauler)

Custom Permits helps truckers navigate a patchwork of regulations in order to get the permits they need to operate legally on the highways. TeamLogic IT solves a major IT challenge for the company. (Photo courtesy of KW Heavy Hauler)

Jenny Day and Bill Bond count many blessings as they recall how their business persevered through a tortuous year of IT disasters. The couple launched their business, Custom Permits, in Columbus, Ohio, in 1977, and for nearly four decades it has been a stalwart ally of truckers — but in 2013, the wheels started to come off. A server installation and a new phone system created a series of cascading IT failures that made it extraordinarily hard for them to serve their customers. The couple and their employees scrambled to keep their computers running and worked long hours to meet customers’ needs, but they desperately needed help.

Their existing IT provider — a guy they had used for years — was no help. None at all. Yes, he set up the new server, but it didn’t function properly. Perhaps most disturbingly, although the couple had paid for new software licenses for all their machines, they kept getting messages about “trial versions” expiring.

A business partner referred the couple to Dwight Blankenship at TeamLogic IT in April, and Dwight’s team quickly came out to learn about the business and the challenges it was facing.

“Within a few minutes, they pulled me aside and told me we had serious issues,” Jenny says. “Our ‘server’ was really just a glorified PC that had been set up as a server — and even though it was supposedly a new server, it was actually quite old and underpowered. Much of the software had never been licensed properly, even though we paid our old IT guy to do it. Everything we had paid thousands of dollars for, a lot of it hadn’t really been done or needed to be redone. It wasn’t a fun thing to learn.”

TeamLogic IT drew up a game plan. The No. 1 priority was getting a real server into the business.

Why IT matters for Custom Permits

Obviously, IT problems are painful for any business. Here’s why it was especially painful for Custom Permits: The company was founded to solve a tricky problem for truckers. Every state requires different trucking permits, and it can be difficult for a trucker to keep all those permits straight and up-to-date. Occasionally, a trucker will be pulled over or stopped at a weigh station only to discover their permits for the state they are in have expired. When that happens, the truck is stuck. It can’t move until it gets a new permit.

Custom Permits works closely with all 48 state highway departments in the continental U.S. to secure temporary permits as well as specialized hauling permits (like those needed for oversized loads). Its goal is to have customers back on the road in an hour or less. Quick access to data and rock-solid communications systems are essential in order to quickly navigate state agencies, obtain the right temporary permits and get trucks back on the road.

The company was struggling to provide the service its customers needed.

Then things got worse. Before the new server could be installed and configured, the creaky old PC that was struggling to act as the backbone of the company’s data network experienced a hardware failure. A power supply switch had died, and the machine was so old that the replacement part was no longer sold new. The business shut down. It was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

“I told them, ‘if this part is within four or five states, we will go get it,’” Jenny recalls. “I think everybody at TeamLogic was going building to building in Columbus trying to find this part for us. Joe (one of TeamLogic’s engineers) found it online somewhere and had it overnighted so we would have it by noon the next day. But the delivery didn’t show up. Apparently, the delivery driver didn’t see the package in the van. So, TeamLogic figured out which truck it was on and started following it so they could get the part!”

They got it, installed it over the holiday weekend, and Custom Permits was back in business.

Since then, things have improved dramatically.

The new server solved the network problems they had been experiencing. TeamLogic IT set up a firewall to secure the company’s data, software was properly licensed, and backup solutions were put into place to ensure that data would remain secure.

Now the business hums.

“Thank goodness for TeamLogic,” Jenny says. “There were a lot of things that had happened with our old IT guy that we were blind to, and it was hurting us. TeamLogic hasn’t pulled any punches about what the situation was or what steps needed to be taken to get where we need to go. And we have had zero problems. They are monitoring our business on a daily basis, and if they spot potential problems, they call us. They have given us peace of mind for the first time ever.”

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