TeamLogic IT Franchise Launches New Website to Increase Leads for Franchise Owners

New website boosts SEO, drives potential customers to TeamLogic IT franchise owners

One reason TeamLogic IT franchise owners have so much success is the wide-ranging, solid backing they get from the corporate office. That includes everything from sales and business operations training and coaching to having access to our nationwide network of highly skilled IT technicians. It also includes the many benefits of the TeamLogic IT consumer website, which has just undergone a major renovation and upgrade.

The new website, which launched in September, represents the kind of time and attention that TeamLogic IT franchise owners give to their clients, says Chuck Lennon, president.

“We put a huge amount of time and effort into the new site, because we continue to learn a great deal about what drives businesses to outsource their IT operations, and we wanted to incorporate that information into our new website,” Lennon said.

Two audiences served through a single portal

“We know that this site draws more than one kind of viewer,” Lennon continued. “One is the small business that is already outsourcing their IT but is looking to make a change, and the other is the larger company that has an IT employee or even an IT department, but is looking to supplement the services they perform in house.”

Both visitors will find the information they need on the site. It covers everything from TeamLogic IT’s core services to the benefits of managed IT services, and it has a robust Q&A section that provides answers to a broad array of questions that the viewer may have.

“We know that these people are either looking to expand or replace what they’re doing,” Lennon said. “We also know that they don’t just need a vendor with equipment, or with repair skills, but someone who can assess and predict their ongoing needs — and then provide solutions. We do that with managed IT services, so it was very important that the site speak to those capabilities. We have an end-to-end solution figured out, so regardless of a company’s setup, we can come in and integrate a well-crafted, ongoing solution.”

Click-through solutions to drive franchise connections

To that end, the website features a section allowing a viewer to choose between the options of outsourcing IT services to TeamLogic IT or using a local franchisee’s capabilities to supplement a successful in-house program. That’s one of many innovations, along with the latest in website development technology, that the new site offers.

“We did a thorough, competitive analysis to see what other players in our industry were doing,” Lennon said. “We didn’t want to just repackage our old site in a new design, but have something that is really best of breed, and we’ve done that. The look of the site is amazing. The content does very well in terms of search engine optimization, or SEO, so we’re going to come up high when people search for IT services. It’s the best site in the industry today.”

Managed Services with TeamLogic IT from Team Logic IT on Vimeo.

In addition to the overhauled main site, TeamLogic IT continues to enhance its own content management system, which allows franchisees to create personalized sites for their businesses.

“Those are embedded within the main site, but they also come up in searches and really let our franchisees show their individuality,” Lennon said. “If you provide sponsorship or support to local organizations, for example, you can reference that on your home page. We are a global organization, but we have a very strong local presence. Being able to communicate both of those things online is essential to us, and I believe we are doing a better job of that than ever before.”

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