What TeamLogic IT Franchise Owners Say About the Support from HQ

What’s it like to be part of TeamLogic IT? Hear it straight from our franchisees

There are as many reasons for owning a TeamLogic IT franchise are there are franchise owners themselves, but they all circle back to two core reasons: One, the huge need businesses have for IT support, which creates huge opportunities for a great provider; and two, the support offered by TeamLogic IT.

Whether it’s sales and marketing seminars and webinars, networking opportunities or an “on the fly” call to work out a sudden problem, TeamLogic IT franchise owners know that the corporate headquarters is there for them.

Here’s what our franchisees say about the support we offer:

David Thompson

“TeamLogic IT corporate has followed through on everything they said they would provide us in terms of selling support, HR, marketing support and even being a referral for who we’d need to review our insurance policies. They have been with us through the thick and the thin of it.

“When there are times when we struggle, they would be there with things for us to try so that we could fix what was not going well, as well as try new avenues. When we were advertising for open positions, they provided dollars to help us get into more expensive websites, and they connected us with other franchises advertising for the same positions so we could pool our money for a single advertisement.”

— David Thompson, TeamLogic IT
San Ramon, California

“When you talk about something like SystemWatch, you have something that is based on industry standards but also is well packaged and marketed — in that it has been branded.

Dwight and Allison Blankenship

Dwight and Allison Blankenship

The marketing assets are huge — the brand had already been created, but it’s the marketing plan — the go-to-market strategy and overall plan is critical. We could try to reinvent that wheel, but it would take a lot of time and our method wouldn’t be proven, and you couldn’t say there are 50 ‘Dwight and Allison’ PC shops across the country. They have a road map for the business — what works and what doesn’t.”

— Dwight and Allison Blankenship, TeamLogic IT
Columbus, Ohio

“They do a good deal of structured training at the front end. This university they put on — what TeamLogic IT stands for, the services provided, marketing and sales, and even the technologies involved in running the business. They also continue to support us in tech, marketing and sales, administrative, bookkeeping and accounting.

“There are webinars on a regular basis, and if people don’t take advantage of those they are crazy. They are excellent. I haven’t had a webinar or conference that I didn’t get something out of, bring into my business and have it see dividends. If I were doing this on my own, I wouldn’t have this kind of support. If I had to develop all these systems, from tech support to marketing, it would have taken much longer to get to where I am. I wanted to own my own business, but didn’t want to do it all by myself. I knew what I wanted, but with this ongoing support I’ve gotten a shortcut to get to where I want to be.

— Stewart Paul, TeamLogic IT

“The technical tools and the vendor relationships have been the strongest contributions, but they also provide a good bit of marketing material, which helps. Frank Picarello and Mike Celayeta, two guys who come from managed services provider businesses, have a lot of in-depth knowledge, and that’s been a very exciting addition. I would say that this is a significant advantage — two guys who have been doing it for years and years and have seen the good, bad and ugly, and know what to do and not to do. They are passing that knowledge along to the franchisees.

Davis Merrey

Davis Merrey

“TeamLogic IT also allows us to tailor our services to the local market. Some things we all have to do the same way, but there are other guidelines that we can use or not. Selling IT services is not like selling a Big Mac — it can’t be exactly the same everywhere in the world. The products are unique and tailored to each customer’s needs. One of the most valuable things TeamLogic IT brings is an understanding that you can’t take a cookie-cutter approach.”

— Davis Merrey, TeamLogic IT
Oklahoma City

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