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TeamLogic IT Franchise Operators Enjoy Owning the Business

Posted May 29th, 2018

A goal of small-business ownership is independence, and also enjoying building something unique and permanent each and every day

The lure of small-business ownership is very strong. Setting one’s own hours, building a team, becoming a part of the local business community … there are many positives. Even so, building a business from the ground up takes a lot of time, attention and hard work, and owning a TeamLogic IT franchise is no different.

That’s why it’s so important to really love what you’re doing, especially in those early days when there’s so much going on all at once, says Chuck Lennon, Executive Vice President, Business Development.

Daily operations benefit from solid systems

“We work hard to make sure that new TeamLogic IT franchise owners, as well as those who’ve been around a while, don’t lose sight of why they went into business in the first place,” Lennon says. “Even when they are incredibly busy, we want them to enjoy what they’re doing. That’s why we have multiple avenues of support and well-designed systems to help them in every facet of operations.”

That kind of backing is why TeamLogic IT franchise owners gave the brand a 4.4 out of 5 rating when Franchise Business Review queried them on whether they enjoy the business. That marking, which showed most owners saying “very good” or “excellent,” shows that TeamLogic IT’s efforts are being rewarded in the field.

Organizational support a strong plus

“That’s the kind of number we like to see, but we’re going to keep going until we get to a perfect 5,” Lennon says. “There are always things we can do to improve, and that’s why we keep the lines of communication open all the time. TeamLogic IT franchise owners are always working hard to get to the next level, and it’s our job to stay out ahead of them so we can help as much as possible.”

Such thinking is probably why TeamLogic IT owners rated the organization with 4.4 out of 5, which Lennon is quick to point out is good “but not the best — so it’s on us to work hard and do even better the next time our friends at Franchise Business Review sit down with TeamLogic IT franchise owners to talk business.”

TeamLogic IT is the technology franchise small and medium-sized businesses increasingly rely on for turnkey support. TeamLogic IT’s managed IT services contracts give clients peace of mind about their technology needs, and provide franchise owners with a steady, predictable revenue stream. The company now serves a wide and growing variety of clients in every business sector, from tourism and hospitality to health care, legal and accounting.  Along the way, TeamLogic IT has grown to more than 130 locations throughout North America and continues to expand in new and existing markets.

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