TeamLogic IT President Dan Shapero Talks IT Opportunities and Challenges

Being nimble is vital in an industry that’s growing daily and in multiple different directions, and TeamLogic IT franchise is meeting that challenge

When he came to TeamLogic IT franchise as its new president in March 2018, Dan Shapero brought a wealth of experience that has already proven invaluable. A former corporate executive as well as independent business owner, he is helping TeamLogic IT and its franchise owners move to the next level in a rapidly changing IT sales, service and support landscape. Here’s his take on the industry’s current opportunities and challenges.

TeamLogic IT franchise president Dan Shapiro

What does TeamLogic IT look like right now as a brand, and as a service provider?

I’m a CPA by trade, and so I’m kind of a numbers-oriented person. At TeamLogic IT, we live by our numbers, and there are many indicators there that support my enthusiasm for our brand. We’re adding more locations at a steady clip, and we’re focusing on business development at a very rapid pace. We’re signing up people at a great rate, but also a very controlled rate so that we bring in the right franchise owners. Our pipeline has never been larger because there is strong demand.

Pivoting out to our locations, we are seeing success that exceeds all points of measurement. The TeamLogic IT franchise community is ahead when it comes to overall revenue and ahead of plan when it comes to comparative worth year over year. It’s a very good time to be a part of TeamLogic IT.

What’s the IT industry like right now in terms of growth trajectory, and how is TeamLogic IT capitalizing on that?

I’m on the board of CompTIA, which does a lot of heavy-duty research on the IT industry to create outlook articles and other information. They have released some very large numbers: Technology is a $4.8 trillion industry worldwide, with the U.S. market being $1.5 trillion of that. It’s not all small business, but when you do break it down to see where money is changing hands, you see that about a third of that spend is on IT services. Another big piece is telecom spending. And since IT services and telecom are a sweet spot for our services, that’s very good news for us.

Another bellwether sign I see specific to technology is the adoption of managed IT services. I’ve been working in this space for well over a decade, and when I started out it was hard to explain what managed IT services were, how it allowed systems to be monitored proactively and remotely. Now 39% of small businesses say they are using some sort of managed IT services. That’s very good for TeamLogic IT, since we were one of the first, if not the first, franchise brand to promote that model of revenue vs. simple break-fix jobs.

I see that with our owners. When they talk about new business, they are usually selling some level of managed IT services. People are being drawn to our brand because now they have something to compare it to in terms of what they are getting from their current vendor. They think they have managed IT until they don’t get a callback or don’t get a service appointment. TeamLogic IT has a proven system around that: our people are trained the same way on how to sell it, on how to perform it. We have a national footprint now. This is why we are driving ahead and really leading the charge on managed IT services.

What are the industry trends that are helping to fuel growth?

I like to think of one major trend in the small- to medium-size space as the democratization of technology, or consumerization of technology. In the old days, tech innovation came from companies like IBM and trickled down through corporate America until it found its way to small business. Now innovation is certainly happening at that level — look at Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, which own most of the computer power on the planet. But a lot of innovation is happening with much smaller companies, and it’s on your phone or the tablet that’s sitting in your hands. That’s the future of technology.

And as that technology comes to market, small businesses find it easier to have access to enterprise infrastructure. That means they are baking this tech into their business processes and workflow. A lot of that is being driven by the cloud, which has a 90% adoption rate thanks to VoIP, customer-facing apps like call centers and the “internet of things.” Things are coming that are amazing, like moisture sensors in hardwood floors that activate fans in patented flooring systems, so they can dry. Remote monitoring like that plays well into managed IT services, as do the systems for drone operations and virtual-reality tech used by landscaping and architecture and many other businesses.

The TeamLogic IT network is expanding rapidly. What opportunities is that creating?

I looked at some markets and service statistics last summer before I came on board and saw an increasing national footprint that is providing a lot of leverage just in advertising alone. Our trucks, cars and people are all branded, everyone is using the same operations manuals, we have more than 500 techs out there and we are helping thousands of companies. That’s very big in terms of simple brand awareness, and it improves every day.

We also are capitalizing on our growth with a program called InterOffice, which is basically a national accounts program that allows for one franchise owner to work with another if he or she has a client with offices in that other territory. That way clients who are spread out geographically know that TeamLogic IT can take care of them regardless. A staffing company in California recently opened in Denver and Las Vegas, for example, and their home TeamLogic IT was able to open a ticket in one community and send out a truck in another. Elsewhere, I can point to the work we have done for Hyundai in a port district, where new cars are downloaded and prepped to go to the dealer. We have some aggressive owners who got in and set up a national account and are now helping that auto manufacturer in many ways. We’re going to see more of that over time because the power of our growing network is compelling.

What do the next few years look like for TeamLogic IT?

Right now I can look at a map of the country and see more locations where we don’t have a location than where we do, so growth is very much on our agenda. Through targeted efforts and conservative planning, we have been successful in opening dozens of new locations. Now we are going to continue that but also dive into more ways for TeamLogic IT franchise owners to grow their businesses. Every small business uses IT, and it’s becoming ever more specialized. There’s an opportunity for us to come into all kinds of industries, such as construction — where there are many different project-management software programs — and bring some standardization across their business operations. That will lead to more sales, and also more profits, for TeamLogic IT franchises because it’s a much more efficient way to operate. That’s the future we’re working toward.

TeamLogic IT is the technology franchise small and medium-sized businesses increasingly rely on for turnkey support. TeamLogic IT’s managed IT services contracts give clients peace of mind around their technology needs and provide franchise owners with a steady, predictable revenue stream. The company now serves a wide and growing variety of clients in every business sector, from tourism and hospitality to healthcare, legal and accounting.  Along the way, TeamLogic IT has grown to more than 130 locations around North America and continues to expand in new and existing markets.

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