TeamLogic IT Promotes Expertise Through Content Marketing Program

From email campaigns to case studies, TeamLogic IT franchise owners have multiple proven ways to reach customers and convert leads

Small business success relies in no small part on visibility. But it’s not enough to just be out there — smart entrepreneurs also have a plan for what they’re saying and where they are saying it. That’s why TeamLogic IT franchise owners rely on a robust, comprehensive content marketing program.

consulting meetings with TeamLogic IT

“Marketing is a lot of different things, and you need them all to be successful,” says Denise Denton, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Communications for TeamLogic IT. “That’s why we have developed, and are continually tweaking, the multiple platforms through which franchise owners can connect with the businesses in their territories.”

Online engagement enhances reputation

TeamLogic IT has created a blog, ITinflections, that’s visible on its consumer-facing website and calls attention to IT-related issues that concern business owners. The blog positions TeamLogic IT franchise owners as subject matter experts and helps open conversations around managed IT services and other TeamLogic IT offerings.

“The blog’s goal, along with the consumer website itself, is to call attention to TeamLogic IT as a problem solver that can work with any size or type of business,” Denise says. “For instance, if someone at a company wants to learn about ransomware and they see our coverage of the issue, they are very likely to want to read more — and will be open to hearing about TeamLogic IT’s solutions.”

Branded communications showcase expertise

Once a TeamLogic IT franchise owner has engaged with a lead, whether that’s through a website information request, mailing list or through his or her own sales efforts, the next level of content marketing can take place. That includes customized email newsletters and more that detail TeamLogic IT’s expertise.