How Does the TeamLogic IT Technology Franchise Generate Recurring Revenue?

TeamLogic IT technology franchise provides ongoing service and consulting to customers, which leads to long and profitable relationships

When you are building a business, few things are as valuable as a recurring revenue base, because it provides cash flow that provides stability and also helps your business grow.

That’s what makes TeamLogic IT’s managed services model so powerful for our franchisees, and it’s one of the reasons the TeamLogic IT technology franchise’s overall revenue has increased by 40% or more for three consecutive years, and why same-unit sales have increased by double digits during that period.

Like a lot of other IT providers, TeamLogic IT technology franchise owners handles emergencies for new clients — stepping in to help when a server fails, important data needs to be recovered, or another emergency occurs because of a technology failure within a business. What happens next, however, is what sets us apart from nearly all of our competition. We build a relationship with our clients to keep them from having major technology failures in the future.

Our managed services platform allows us to remotely monitor our customer’s servers, computers and other devices in order to perform remote updates and spot any errors or performance issues. Many issues can be solved by a technician remotely, and the end result is that most problems are fixed before they are even noticed by customers. We also offer data backups and recovery, cloud solutions and mobile device management to ensure that customers enjoy efficient, secure systems that help them optimize their businesses.

The market for these services is massive. There are more than 27 million small and medium-sized businesses in the United States, and we consider about one million of them to be prime candidates for our service. They consist of professionals like doctors, lawyers, advertising firms, small manufacturers and many others in high-income fields where downtime is especially costly.

TeamLogic IT franchisees work to eliminate downtime and also help their customers spot ways to add productivity and security to make their businesses more profitable and more resilient.

Stories from our customers and franchisees

To really grasp the power of our systems, read some of our customer stories on our blog. The systems we provide, combined with the excellence of our franchisees and their employees, has turned TeamLogic IT technology franchise owners into heroes for businesses nationwide. To learn more about the business, including startup costs for a franchise, visit our research pages. For even more information, fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!