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Who Are TeamLogic IT’s Competitors?

In the highly fragmented IT services industry, TeamLogic IT’s national brand helps attract customers

Though the booming worldwide IT services industry raked in $3.7 trillion in revenues in 2015, according to First Research, the industry is severely fragmented. The IT services industry is one of the rare cases where the demand far exceeds the market’s ability to meet it.

According to CompTIA, there are about 118,000 independent computer repair IT companies in the United States, the vast majority of which are independent IT providers who serve very small companies that employ between one and 10 people. While there is a handful of brands that serve companies that employ upwards of 500 people, TeamLogic IT franchise owners are best suited to serve that vast swath of clients in between — companies that employ 10-100 people, on average.

TeamLogic IT was created to become the go-to IT team for small and medium-sized businesses. We offer fast responses to IT challenges; but more importantly, we act as an IT adviser to our customers, monitoring their vital IT systems to prevent problems and eliminate downtime. We also analyze their businesses to recommend specific technology solutions that can help them grow. We’re not just the folks business owners call when something breaks; we are business partners who provide guidance and access to new technologies that can help our clients be more efficient, more profitable and more secure.

“Our sweet spot, and where we do well, is in working with the companies that have outgrown their local IT service provider but are still too small to work with an enterprise company,” says Chuck. “In reality, every small business in the U.S. needs us. In the old days, it would have been nice to have an IT system, but now it’s a requirement. IT drives productivity and, ultimately, profitability. We tend to talk very little about technology with our clients and a lot about business. What happens when their technology fails? How much will business be affected? We help our clients leverage technology to run their businesses better. This is a services business, and customer service is king.”

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A commitment to exceptional customer service helps TeamLogic IT stand out

Jim Hackett, who owns six fast-growing TeamLogic IT franchises in Northeast Massachusetts, described the competition this way:

“A lot of laid-off technicians will hang a shingle and say they can help small businesses, but a one-man shop cannot provide consistent, high-quality service to a variety of clients all the time. It’s Murphy’s Law — occasionally several clients will have a problem at the same time, so you have to have staff so that on a random Tuesday when 11 clients all have an issue at once, you can respond quickly to all of them. We have a team, we can respond 24/7, and that’s why people hire us.”

Of course, that’s not the only reason. TeamLogic IT also has professional-looking collateral materials that do a great job of explaining our services. Our proactive sales approach helps franchisees grow by meeting with potential customers to learn about their businesses and offer solutions to any technology challenges that might be holding them back.

TeamLogic IT’s national network of franchisees also provides major advantages. We use our nationwide network to build strong relationships with vendors and negotiate for better prices and service plans, which ultimately benefit our customers. We offer customers access to a 24/7 help desk to provide quick answers to many questions. Our nationwide network allows us to provide on-site service to clients with multiple locations. Consider a law firm that has offices in Oklahoma City and New York. TeamLogic IT can provide service in both locations, giving the managing partner a single technology team to rely on.

A proven business model and a wide range of services make TeamLogic IT the premier managed IT services franchise

As TeamLogic IT franchises begin serving larger organizations, these companies are more likely to have internal IT departments. You could view them as competition, but we have found that they can be great allies. TeamLogic IT can provide complementary skills to internal IT departments, helping them tackle major projects and maintain the company’s IT infrastructure.

TeamLogic IT’s ability to provide a wide range of services is key to our success and it’s something that our franchisees are able to offer from day one, thanks to our collaborative network of owners and technicians. You will start your business with at least one technician on staff, but you will have access to the combined knowledge of hundreds of technicians who are part of the TeamLogic IT family. That’s a tremendous resource for you and your customers.

That resource is especially powerful as business technology continues to evolve. As smartphones, tablets and low-priced laptops proliferate in business, there has been an explosion in the number of operating systems that an IT business needs to be able to support. In addition to regularly supporting machines running Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X software, you can now expect to see iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), Android tablets and smartphones and Google OS devices (Chromebooks), as well as machines, running Linux. Having access to the combined knowledge of hundreds of technicians gives your business a huge advantage.


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