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How Do I Find Good Technicians?

TeamLogic assists their IT franchises with the hiring process

Hiring the right technician is key to the success of a TeamLogic IT business. You’ll need someone with the right combination of skills to serve most of your customers’ needs. As you grow, you’ll want to bring on more technicians who have additional skills and can expand your capabilities.

How do you make sure you are hiring the right person? We help. TeamLogic IT’s corporate office has developed employment ads and job descriptions that will help you attract the right candidates, and we will participate in the interview process to identify the technicians with the best technical and personal skills.

Jon Simms, who opened a TeamLogic IT franchise in Mountain View, California, with his wife, Adrienne Wong, in 2009, says the hiring help was invaluable.


Jon and Adrienne have impressive technology backgrounds — they met as coworkers at Sun Microsystems — but most of their experience was with software programmers, not technicians.

“It’s very different — different degrees, different backgrounds, a different approach to life,” Jon says of working with technicians. “TeamLogic IT helped with the job posting and gave me an opinion on a short list of top candidates. It was a great help.”

Technicians like working for TeamLogic IT because we allow them to use their core skills without having to focus on sales. “My role is to be the rainmaker,” explains Bill Galinsky, who opened his TeamLogic IT franchise in December 2013 in Greenville, South Carolina. As the owner, he expects to bring in business to keep his technicians busy.

Jon Simms likes being in that role — and he also likes creating opportunity for well-paying jobs that have a solid career path. “We give them the opportunity to learn new things by providing training that makes them better technicians and makes us a stronger business.”


“There are people with these skills who have a lot to contribute,” Jon says. “In 2013 we expanded our office by acquiring the space next to us, and we were tearing down walls and reconfiguring the office. Adrienne met a young man at a supply store we visited, and they wound up talking about how he liked his job. He said he liked it okay, but what he really liked was computers — and he had all these credentials that he wasn’t using. She asked him to send his resume, and we created an intern position for him. He spent 90 days with us, making some mistakes and learning a lot, and you could tell this was his passion. He is a full-time tech here now and very grateful for the opportunity, and it’s exciting to be able to offer it.”


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