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TeamLogic IT Franchisee Reviews

What do TeamLogic IT owners say about the corporate support they receive?

David Thompson, TeamLogic IT“They have been with us through the thick and the thin of it. When there were times when we’ve been struggling or tried to expand something or find employees — every time I would talk about aspects that weren’t going well, they would be there with things to try. Even if we wanted to try new avenues for advertising open positions, they might have provided some dollars to help us get into more expensive websites, or they would work to find a couple of other franchisees who were going to be advertising for more or less the same positions and help us pool our money for a single advertisement. They are there with ideas, and in some cases they are there financially to help out.”
— David Thompson, San Ramon, California

Steven Serna, TeamLogic IT“A lot of the value was in the myriad details that go into developing a business, setting it up, getting your services in place and providing really strong tools and support for sales and marketing. Coming from an engineering background, and not from sales and marketing, that was a big deal for me and Stephanie. Eventually, you get to where you understand the game. Now, I rely on them for coaching and support and improving my skills and expertise.”
— Steven Serna, Portland, Oregon

Todd Harrell, TeamLogic IT Franchise“There are two groups of individuals who are important at a franchise. One is the folks at the corporate office, and the second is the other franchise owners. Before I opened my office, I went to TeamLogic IT’s annual meeting and had a chance to meet a lot of the franchise owners and make contacts. I asked if, when I got started, I could call them, and they all were absolutely willing to help out. Early on, I took advantage of that a lot. ‘I’m facing this issue, what did you do?’ I have to give a lot of credit to other franchise owners. And of course, the corporate folks will help you move your business forward. The third thing that was a really, really big help was the infrastructure for marketing and knowledge about what has worked. Working with prospects, people tell me, ‘Your marketing materials are great; it’s head and shoulders above.’ That has a big impact. People look at you much differently. And the final thing is, TeamLogic IT establishes good relationships with channel partners, people we can work with. If I was an independent and trying to get help from some of these places, it would just be impossible.”
— Todd Harrell, Parsippany, New Jersey

Stephen Hinsh, TeamLogic IT Franchise“Back when I was in the corporate world and had a marketing team, a sales team, etc., I would spend 15% of my budget on R&D every year. In this business, as a franchisee, I am getting the value of corporate-level R&D, and the royalties I pay are a lot less than 15%. And R&D is critical for a high-tech company. When I talk to potential franchisees, I tell them, ‘If you were buying a burger franchise, most of the fee goes to the franchisor, and you may not get a lot of value for it, but the money you send to TeamLogic IT is being well invested in the capabilities being delivered to us.’”
— Stephen Hinch, Santa Rosa, California


Allison Blankenship, TeamLogic IT Franchise“The marketing assets are huge. The go-to-market strategy and overall marketing plan is critical. We could try to reinvent that wheel, but it would take a lot of time, our method wouldn’t be proven, and you wouldn’t be able to tell customers that there are 50 ‘Dwight and Allison’ shops all across the country. And the road map for the business — what works and what doesn’t — has helped us grow.”
— Allison Blankenship, Columbus, Ohio


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