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How Do I Get Customers?

TeamLogic IT provides its computer franchises with marketing support, sales training and more

There were nearly 28 million businesses in the United States in 2015, according to Forbes. About 1 million of them fit the profile of an ideal TeamLogic IT customer. The demand is massive. The key for growing a successful TeamLogic IT business is to get in front of those customers and help them understand the services you can provide.

Here is how we do it:

Marketing Tools

During training, TeamLogic IT franchisees receive and are trained to use a Marketing and Sales Playbook, which outlines the tools we use to build brand awareness, explains how the tools work and shows how you can track your marketing efforts to boost effectiveness.

TeamLogic IT franchisees use a combination of marketing channels to reach customers. The integrated marketing approach includes:

A local website. TeamLogic IT provides you a local website that is optimized for the search terms that potential customers use when they are looking for help. Franchisees can customize their local sites to reflect the personality of their business and add customer testimonials that build the trust of sales prospects. The website also allows customers to sign up for an email newsletter full of trending technology articles that serves as an ongoing marketing piece for your business.

Direct mail. TeamLogic IT develops a verified list of 1,500 to 2,000 potential business customers for you to market to when you launch your business. Newsletters, postcards, brochures and promotional items are ideal ways to build brand awareness and deliver targeted messages to your intended audience.

Email marketing. Email is a great way to target specific industries with tailored messages, and it works especially well alongside direct mail. Monthly email newsletters also build client loyalty and can keep you top-of-mind with qualified prospects.

Content marketing. One of the best ways to build your reputation is by sharing useful information to educate your prospects and clients about emerging IT issues. By establishing yourself as a thought leader, you gain credibility, which helps you earn business. TeamLogic IT’s corporate staff produces a blog, ITInflections, that provides thought leadership and serves as an advertising vehicle for local franchisees.

Networking. TeamLogic IT franchisees are encouraged to join organizations that will allow them to connect with other business owners in their community. It’s an invaluable way to learn about local businesses, get referrals and earn the interest of people to whom you have been marketing.

Vehicle graphics. TeamLogic IT businesses use vehicles wrapped in promotional graphics, which serve as mobile billboards for your services and increase brand awareness. Over time, they can generate millions of impressions on potential clients.

More, much more. The tools mentioned above represent just a fraction of our marketing system. By combining these tools and others, you will generate a steady stream of leads that you can then convert into clients.

TeamLogic IT Franchise

TeamLogic IT Sales Training and Coaching

Generating sales leads is great, but it’s critical to know how to evaluate those leads and convert the best potential clients into customers. TeamLogic IT provides franchisees with ongoing sales training and sales coaching to help franchisees manage their sales pipelines and get better results.

We offer coaching and tactics to help you win more customers and introduce new services to customers you are already serving. It’s especially useful for franchisees who may not have done a lot of sales in the past, or for franchisees who have established a strong business and are eager to take it to the next level.

Sales can be intimidating to some people, but it shouldn’t be. It’s about having confidence in the value that you can offer clients, listening to them and then finding ways to meet their needs.

If you are willing to reach out and engage with potential customers, TeamLogic IT’s support team can provide coaching to hone your skills and help you evaluate your sales pipeline.

“I enjoy winning business,” says Keith Cowan, who owns the TeamLogic IT franchise in Mission Viejo, California, with his wife, Taco. “I enjoy the sales process and converting a prospect to a client, and I also enjoy providing great services to our clients.”

Taco adds: “For me, it’s interesting that this area is wide open, and there are so many customers that need us. You do have to find them, but there are a lot of people who need us, and if their email isn’t working, they need you now. It’s just a matter of finding them and providing great service, and you will keep them for a long time.”


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