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What Does a Successful TeamLogic IT Franchisee Look Like?

Can my TeamLogic IT franchise succeed if I don’t have a tech background?

You do not need to be an engineer or a long-time IT professional to run a successful TeamLogic IT franchise. As an owner, you will hire technicians to serve your customers. You will reach out to potential customers, learn about their businesses and offer technology solutions that will make their businesses more efficient, secure and profitable.

TeamLogic IT Franchise Owners

You will manage a team of technicians, but you won’t act as one. TeamLogic IT owners come from a variety of backgrounds: some have amazing engineering and computer science backgrounds; others have executive management experience and have always been curious about technology and how to put it to use.

Drayton Meyers, in Memphis, is a great example of a TeamLogic IT owner who doesn’t have a computer science background. He has never installed or configured a server. He doesn’t have an in-depth understanding of how servers work — but he knows how they can make a business more efficient.

Before buying a TeamLogic IT franchise, he was CEO of the Cotton Board — a nonprofit dedicated to the U.S. cotton industry that is best known for its “the fabric of our lives” campaign. Before that, he helped expand U.S. food exports as executive director for MIATCO. He traveled the world for both jobs, and he quickly learned that technology was an important ally.

TeamLogic IT Franchise Award

“I’ve never been afraid of technology,” he says. “In 1983, when I became executive director for MIATCO, I decided technology would be a strategic partner as I built U.S. farm exports, and not just a necessary evil. I had clients all over the world, which forced me to adopt that attitude. The rest of the world often embraced technology more quickly to gain access to world markets. In 1983 when we were using Telex machines, they were using fax machines. I adopted faxes. They were using email; I adopted email. They were using Skype or GoToMeeting, and I adopted what they were using.”

Drayton says his experience allows him to have conversations with business owners that focus on results and how technology — particularly reliable, safe and secure systems — can become a tool to drive results.

“As president and CEO, you have to make IT decisions either to drive revenue or manage bottom-line costs,” he says. “I understand that and can have conversations with owners on that level.”

If you have a passion for technology and a heart for consulting with business owners, TeamLogic IT’s training and systems provide you with the tools you need to run a successful technology franchise. If you have an extensive IT background but less experience consulting, TeamLogic IT can also provide extensive sales and marketing training and coaching.

TeamLogic IT Franchise Owners

“If you have sales and marketing background and want to start an IT company, TeamLogic IT can help you set up the IT side of things; if you have IT experience, but need help with sales, TeamLogic IT can guide you there, too,” says Chris Cioffi, who co-owns the TeamLogic IT in Phoenix with Rob Fallows. Both are former vice presidents for American Express. “TeamLogic IT is part of FSI, which has been providing franchise support forever, so they can and will help you with anything. They fill in a lot of the gaps that you might have when you start the business.”


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