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TeamLogic IT’s History

Creating a trusted IT franchise brand to serve small and medium-sized businesses

Almost every business relies on technology to some extent, and when that technology fails, it creates a huge disruption that can cost businesses time, money and reputation. That’s why businesses are eager to invest in IT. Worldwide, IT spending is $3.7 trillion annually, according to a profile on the IT industry published by First Research in December 2015.

In the U.S., nearly all of that spending — 90% — was being spread across more than 118,000 independent computer repair firms that offered varying levels of expertise and service. Hiring an IT professional is challenging for a small to medium-sized business owner. The vast number of tools that are available, both hardware and software, can lead to a great deal of confusion. Getting those tools to work together in an integrated way is a challenge. Compounding the challenge is the fact that business owners and computer technicians often struggle to communicate effectively.


TeamLogic IT was formed to overcome this barrier by communicating with business owners in language they understand and helping them comprehend how technology can empower their businesses. TeamLogic IT was also formed to create a trusted national brand capable of delivering consistent service, handling the IT needs of businesses that operate offices in multiple cities, and pooling the knowledge of hundreds of talented technicians operating at franchises throughout the country.

TeamLogic IT becomes the premier technology services franchise

In 2006, Franchise Services Inc. (FSI) CEO Don Lowe realized there was a huge opportunity to serve business customers by creating a national IT franchise, and ever since, FSI poured resources into developing the TeamLogic IT brand, investing several million dollars to create a world-class organization capable of supporting hundreds of franchise owners nationwide.

Your Own IT Franchise Opportunity“This is the future of business services,” Don says. “It’s something that every business needs, and as technology continues to become more ubiquitous, it will become even more important. We are establishing a reputation as the brand companies can trust.”

Don hired Chuck Lennon to turn his vision into a reality. Chuck had worked for FSI as an executive for Sir Speedy before leaving to provide leadership for New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, which provides IT training and certification.

TeamLogic IT operates independently from FSI’s printing brands, but it is able to tap into the experience, infrastructure and resources of FSI. Those resources allowed TeamLogic IT to quickly develop strong marketing and operations teams that are capable of providing support generally associated with a franchisor 10 times the size of TeamLogic IT.

A bright future for a worthy brand

With more than 140 franchise locations in 35 states, TeamLogic IT has become the premier technology services franchise and is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the growing managed IT services market.

“We’ve been in business since 2005, and we have been in the B2B space since we started,” says Chuck. “Our franchisees have not only the full support of FSI, but also the proven TeamLogic IT business model and the expertise of our executive team, which helps our franchisees run profitable businesses and remains earnestly invested in continuing to add value to our franchisees in their businesses over the long term.”


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