TeamLogic IT Is Offering Alternative Computer Franchise Opportunities

No professional technology experience necessary to take advantage of these computer franchise opportunities

TeamLogic IT is offering exciting computer franchise opportunities to investors who want to give businesses a technological edge. We are a top-rated technology franchise that solves major headaches for small and medium-sized businesses by offering managed IT service solutions that turn technology into an ally rather than an obstacle for our clients. We are a fast-growing business with franchisees who meet a universal need among today’s businesses: rock-solid IT solutions that prevent downtime and provide critical data security.

You don’t have to be a techie

You don’t need to have a professional IT background to take advantage of our TeamLogic IT computer franchise opportunities. All you need is a passion for technology and for helping businesses run more smoothly. Our franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds, including CEOs of advertising firms and trade associations, vice presidents who ran engineering and manufacturing divisions for large corporations, and software programmers with executive experience. They don’t all have in-depth knowledge about configuring hardware or troubleshooting software. What they do have is the ability to talk with clients and identify ways technology can make their businesses stronger.

TeamLogic IT owners hire talented technicians to provide the hands-on service, but a huge part of growing a great IT business comes from helping customers understand the value of a proactive approach to technology. That’s where our computer franchise owners excel — they use TeamLogic IT’s powerful tools and resources to craft individual solutions for customers.

How much does a TeamLogic IT franchise cost?

Startup costs for TeamLogic IT’s computer franchise opportunities range from $83,900 for someone who is converting an existing IT support business to $137,800 for someone launching a new business.

That includes: a $40,000 franchise fee; a week of intensive training at TeamLogic IT University; the creation of marketing, advertising, and collateral material — as well as radio scripts and a TV spot; the creation of a local website for your business; a vetted list of 1,500-2,000 businesses within your territory that match the criteria for an ideal client; access to our Business Management Software System for accessing a library of technical and business knowledge; and reaching out to other TeamLogic IT owners and technicians for troubleshooting support. TeamLogic IT also uses part of the fee to fund the first three months of local marketing for your business, which gives you time to focus on operations during your startup phase.

We look for candidates with liquidity of $50,000 and a net worth of $300,000.

TeamLogic IT

TeamLogic IT is offering computer franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to help other businesses make the most of their technology.

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