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TeamLogic IT: A Top-Rated Business IT Franchise

What Is a TeamLogic IT Franchise? The Highest-Rated Technology Franchise by Franchise Business Review

IT Services Market Growth

TeamLogic IT is a technology franchise that solves a major headache for small and medium-sized businesses by offering managed IT service solutions that turn technology into an ally rather than an obstacle for clients. We provide a broad array of services to customers, including standard IT services such as installing, configuring and repairing servers, and offering data recovery and repair of devices. What separates TeamLogic IT from competitors, though, is our emphasis on managed IT services and consultation, coupled with outstanding customer service.

You don’t need to have a professional IT background to succeed as a TeamLogic IT owner — just a passion for technology and how it can help businesses run more smoothly. Our franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds, including CEOs of advertising firms and trade associations, vice presidents who oversaw engineering and manufacturing divisions for large corporations, and software programmers with executive experience. Not all of them has in-depth knowledge of how to configure hardware and how to troubleshoot software. What they do have is an ability to talk with other business owners and identify ways that technology can help make their businesses stronger. TeamLogic IT owners hire talented technicians to provide the service, but a huge part of growing a great IT business comes from helping customers understand the value they can get from a proactive approach to technology — and that’s where our franchise owners excel by taking advantage of the tools and resources TeamLogic IT offers in order to craft powerful solutions for customers.

TeamLogic IT Franchise Owners

One of our key services is managed IT. It is one of the fastest growing segments of the technology industry for a simple reason: Technology failures are costly for business owners. Computers and IT are ubiquitous in today’s small and medium-sized businesses. Sadly, so are IT problems. When computers and networks stop working, business grinds to a halt. That’s the reality today for millions of businesses.

Nearly all small to medium-sized businesses rely on outsourced IT for help, but that help is often inadequate. It’s common for a business to have to wait hours — or even days — for a response when their technology goes haywire. With every minute the business is shut down — or limping along — revenue, sales opportunities and customer relationships vanish.

It’s unacceptable.

TeamLogic IT was created to become the go-to IT team for these businesses. We offer fast responses to IT challenges, but more importantly, we act as an IT adviser to our customers, monitoring their vital IT systems to prevent problems and eliminate downtime. We also analyze their businesses to recommend specific technology solutions that can help them grow. We’re not just the folks business owners call when something breaks — we are business partners who provide guidance and access to new technologies that can help make our clients more efficient, more profitable and more secure.


The TeamLogic Business Model

TeamLogic IT franchises provide an array of services to clients, but the heart of our offering is our managed IT service, which provides maintenance, monitoring, data backup, security and disaster backup solutions. Business customers sign annual contracts for the managed IT services.

There are important advantages for both the franchise owner and the customer.

For the franchise owner, the advantage is a predictable, recurring revenue stream, which gives you peace of mind as you manage and grow your business. Managed IT services also offer greater potential profit margins compared to the typical repair work that most independent IT businesses rely upon.

For the customer, managed IT services mean there will be virtually no downtime. Potential IT challenges are identified and fixed before they have time to become major problems. Maybe it’s a piece of hardware that is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Maybe it’s a piece of software that needs a critical security patch. Maybe it’s just an employee who needs training to efficiently use software. In all those cases, TeamLogic IT technicians can help. Since the help is covered under a long-term contract, there aren’t a lot of extra charges, which makes IT expenses predictable and budgetable.

TeamLogic IT Franchise for Sale

TeamLogic IT owners enjoy other revenue streams as well, including:

As-needed IT solutions. When a problem arises for a customer who does not have a managed IT contract, we provide solutions on an hourly basis. This is how many clients first get to know us.

Software and hardware sales. TeamLogic IT has used the combined buying power of its nationwide network of franchisees to secure preferred vendor relationships with hardware and software makers, which allows our owners to provide the latest technologies to their customers at highly competitive prices while generating additional revenue.

TeamLogic IT Franchise Support

TeamLogic IT has leveraged its national franchise network to provide some unique advantages to franchisees. One example: a 24/7 call center that end-users can use to get help. Another is our branded managed IT software, SystemWatch IT, which provides continuous monitoring of clients’ computers and networks and automatically installs critical patches. These solutions allow TeamLogic IT franchises to offer amazing value to customers without having to be constantly on call.

We give franchisees and their technicians the tools and support they need to become the go-to IT experts in their communities.

Jim Hackett, who owned strategic marketing firm Indivia before buying his TeamLogic IT franchise near Boston, actually started his relationship with TeamLogic IT as a marketing adviser. The more he learned about the company and our leaders, the more he liked it. He ultimately decided to become a franchise owner himself.

He’s been with TeamLogic IT since 2007.

“There was no hyperbole, no overstatements. Everything they told me from the very beginning was backed by facts and has panned out,” he says of the professionalism and diligence of the corporation. He offers his biggest praise for the people: “As we launched our business, the level of care and genuine interest in us was beyond anything I ever expected.”

TeamLogic IT has been named the top technology franchise by Franchise Business Review for three years in a row: 2012, 2013 and 2014. The magazine’s annual FBR 50 list highlights franchises that have earned high ratings from their franchisees.

Our expertise in franchise support is part of the long tradition of our parent organization, Franchise Services Inc., which has been providing B2B franchise opportunities for more than 40 years through brands that include Sir Speedy, PIP Printing and Marketing Services, Signal Graphics and MultiCopy. Franchise Services Inc. has invested more than $7 million to build a robust franchise support system for TeamLogic IT, and we expect to begin realizing profits this year. It’s a long-term investment for Franchise Services, Inc., which sees an opportunity to build a premier brand within the fragmented IT services industry. Already, TeamLogic IT has established a strong presence in Silicon Valley, where a half-dozen franchise owners have established a reputation as the leading resource in the world’s most tech-savvy region.

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