Why Medical Businesses Hire TeamLogic IT Franchises

Dental surgeon explains how TeamLogic IT franchise in Memphis has improved his business

Before the Dental Implant Aesthetic Center of Memphis started working with the local TeamLogic IT franchise, they struggled with their technology. Servers would crash. Equipment would go down, and productivity would plummet. It was a big problem, because technology underpins their practice. The dental surgery center uses 3D scans of patients’ mouths to help them create custom molds for dental implants that replace missing or damaged teeth. They have an office in Memphis, as well as one in nearby Collierville, and send patient records — including the massive 3D files — between the offices on a regular basis. When their systems stop communicating, they can’t even properly book procedures.

Thankfully, their IT problems are now in the past.

How TeamLogic IT helps companies improve their IT — and why customers love our process

The dental surgery practice has been a TeamLogic IT franchise customer for about two years. They are on a managed IT services contract with TeamLogic IT of Memphis — a regular monthly retainer arrangement in which TeamLogic IT acts as an outsourced IT department for the business. Owner Drayton Meyers and his team of technicians provide backup, disaster recovery, system monitoring, help desk services and technology advice. The services are aimed squarely at preventing downtime and making the practice more efficient so that surgeons like Darren Williams can focus on serving patients — not putting out fires every time a computer breaks or a system goes down.

And the services are proactive. We don’t wait for something to break. We sit down regularly with our clients to assess their systems and their needs, and we prevent things from breaking in the first place.

“We have regular meetings where we sit down and review everything that’s going on,” Darren says. “We are given a heads-up when a piece of equipment is coming to the end of its life, so we can budget for replacing that piece of equipment.”

Before, he says, IT equipment wasn’t monitored to see how it was running or when it was likely to need an upgrade. When it broke, it disrupted the practice. TeamLogic IT has eliminated those nasty surprises.

Just as importantly, we have helped the practice become more efficient.

“If you don’t stay up with the technology curve, you are lost. In the past, if I was out in our Collierville office and the patient had been seen in the Memphis office, then we’re 15 miles apart and I have no access to their records,” he says. “Now, it’s just a click of a button, and I can see absolutely everything that’s going on in the practice.”

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