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What Does TeamLogic IT Do?

TeamLogic IT is a technology franchise that helps businesses become more efficient and secure

TeamLogic IT provides outsourced managed IT services targeted to small and medium-sized businesses, using a team of certified technicians. We solve IT problems for our clients; and, more importantly, by acting as advisors and putting the right systems in place, we can help our customers become more efficient and ensure that their business data remains secure and accessible from anywhere.

Evidence of the demand for managed IT services is perhaps best displayed with numbers: First Research reports that the overall U.S. IT services industry generates about $340 billion annually in revenue, and that number is projected to keep climbing in the years to come. However, as CompTIA reports, there are about 118,000 independent computer repair IT companies in the United States, the vast majority of which are independent IT providers who serve small companies that employ between one and 10 people. As Hoover’s reports in their overview of the technology services industry, “The U.S. industry is fragmented: the 50 largest companies account for about 40 percent of revenue.”

CompTIA reports that only 12,000 companies make up the entirety of the managed IT services industry in the U.S. The lack of companies to meet the increased demand for managed IT services has positioned TeamLogic IT to capitalize on this very important market niche, which many industry experts believe is the future of the industry overall.

Technology Franchise Owners

“Technology businesses looking to grow should also strive to work more collaboratively with their customers to truly understand the core challenges they are facing,” says Paul Sallomi, Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry leader and US and Global Technology Sector leader, in the 2016 Technology Industry Outlook, published by Deloitte. “This insight will help them to better communicate how their products and services can deliver greater value to their customers.”

TeamLogic IT Office

What makes TeamLogic IT the leading managed IT services franchise?

Managed IT services make up 41% of TeamLogic IT’s overall revenue, which is a testament to the forward-thinking leadership of the brand’s executive team. In the next three years, leadership predicts that managed IT services will account for 50% of all TeamLogic IT revenue.

“There aren’t a lot of managed IT services providers out there,” says Patrick Spaan, Director of Franchise Development with TeamLogic IT. “With the number of small businesses totaling around 28 million, the demand makes it relatively easy to build a TeamLogic IT business in a relatively short period of time. Our managed IT services platform really sets us apart: we don’t bill a customer every time they break something. We wake up and make sure that our clients are up and running — because if they aren’t running, we are losing money. This gives our clients peace of mind because they know that TeamLogic IT has an incentive to keep them up and running.”

For the TeamLogic IT franchise owner, the advantage of managed IT services is a predictable, recurring revenue stream, which gives you peace of mind as you manage and grow your business. Managed IT services also offer greater potential profit margins compared to the typical repair work that most independent IT businesses rely upon. Averaging about $150 per month for each employee a company has on payroll, our average managed IT services contract brings in about $2,300 per month.

For the customer, managed IT services mean there will be virtually no downtime. Potential IT challenges are identified and often fixed before they have time to become major problems. Maybe it’s a piece of hardware that is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Maybe it’s a piece of software that needs a critical security patch. Maybe it’s just an employee who needs training to efficiently use software. In all those cases, TeamLogic IT technicians can help. Since the help is covered under a long-term contract, there aren’t a lot of extra charges, which makes IT expenses predictable and easy to budget.

TeamLogic IT franchise owners enjoy multiple revenue streams

In addition to our growing managed IT services segment, TeamLogic IT franchise owners benefit from offering an array of services that help diversify their businesses, increase profitability and foster growth.

The full range of TeamLogic IT services includes:

SystemWatch IT. We use this software platform to remotely monitor our clients’ systems and alert our franchisees and technicians about server, hardware or software issues. The service detects missing software patches that could make a business vulnerable to hackers, and it installs protection against the latest threats. The software scans for viruses and malware and deletes them before they cause havoc. The software will also keep tabs on the overall health of customers’ computers. For instance, it can often spot a hard drive that is beginning to behave erratically so a customer can repair it or replace it before it fails.

Data backup and recovery. TeamLogic IT can set up local and cloud-based backup solutions for customers, so that if a server goes down, the business can typically keep running with minimal disruption. By creating a cloud-based version of a customer’s network, we can provide them a safe and functioning IT environment that can help them keep their business going even in the event of disaster. Fire? Tornado? Earthquake, flood or hurricane? Even if the building is gone, the business can still function. For newer customers who might not yet have a managed IT services contract, TeamLogic IT can also repair computers and can often recover data from machines that have failed.

Computer assessment and purchasing. TeamLogic IT does more than fix things when they break. We also study customers’ existing IT infrastructure and offer advice about changes or additions that can make their businesses more efficient and secure. We can advise them on equipment investments and use our nationwide network of vendor relationships to provide a competitive quote on equipment that is properly configured for our clients’ needs.

Installation of systems, hardware and software. We will make sure clients’ servers and other technology are properly set up, and often, once they have a pristine IT environment, they are eager to keep it pristine through ongoing managed IT services. That includes solutions to help employees access key files conveniently and securely.

Email management. We can install email servers, optimize them for speed, keep spam at bay and provide email archiving.

Troubleshooting. TeamLogic IT technicians can solve many problems remotely, but we can also make on-site visits to the businesses we serve. Additionally, customers can take advantage of a 24/7 help desk.

Attention to detail. When was the last time you looked at the web of wires behind your home entertainment center? Does it look like a mess of knots and confusion, or is it neat and tidy, with every cable labeled and secured? TeamLogic IT makes sure the cabling connecting your business technology looks as great as it runs. That’s important, because it makes upgrades and troubleshooting simpler later on.

TeamLogic IT technology franchise services in action

Drayton Mayers, who owns the TeamLogic IT in Memphis, Tennessee, offers a great example of the value of our services:

“There is a payroll processor we have as a client — they compete very effectively against ADP, Paychex and people like that. They have clients all over the U.S., and they cannot afford to have any downtime whatsoever. If their systems are down and they can’t run payroll for their clients, even once, they get fired. There would be men and women charging into the CEO’s office, saying, ‘I don’t have any money; what the heck!’

TeamLogic IT Franchise Award“In one case, thanks to the tools we have, we knew that this client’s servers weren’t acting right, and so we went in on a Friday afternoon to swap hard drives after they finished processing payroll. We were physically standing over their server waiting to do that when the server catastrophically failed right in front of us. Fortunately, we also had a business continuity solution in place, and we had them back up and running within an hour. They finished payroll processing and were probably only 30 minutes late for dinner. They pay us about $10,000 a year for backup solutions and disaster recovery, and that is a big deal for a small company. It’s an investment they don’t make lightly, but it pays off.”


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