How Do I Hire Techs?

TeamLogic IT Assists Franchisees with the Hiring Process

TeamLogic IT franchise owners do not provide the technical support they deliver to their clients—their technicians do. Instead, our franchise owners act as the CEOs of their businesses, and spend the majority of their time interfacing with their customers, driving sales, and networking in their communities to build their book of business. Read below to learn how a TeamLogic IT franchise hires techs.

This means that hiring the right technician is key to the success of a TeamLogic IT business. You’ll need someone with the right combination of skills to serve most of your customers’ needs. As you grow, you’ll want to bring on more technicians who have additional skills and can expand your capabilities.

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How do you make sure you are hiring the right person? We help. TeamLogic IT’s corporate office has developed employment ads and job descriptions that will help you attract the right candidates, and we will participate in the interview process to help identify the technicians with the best technical and personal skills.

For Ryan Mann, owner of a TeamLogic IT Franchise in Mountain View, California, it’s important to develop a set of core values and hire technicians who share them.

“When I invested in this business, I recognized that it was important to develop core values and implement them in the hiring process,” Mann says. “Our business is guided by our values: honesty and integrity, customer service, teamwork, hard work and technical proficiency. Technical proficiency is a value that you can teach, but the rest need to be instilled in the individuals. You need a team that has each other’s back, and if you have a good team that shares your values, you’re going to thrive in business.”

Technicians like working for TeamLogic IT because we allow them to use their core skills without having to focus on sales. This is a highly-skilled position that is well compensated, and TeamLogic IT franchise owners are proud to provide good jobs to people in their community.

For Mann, who worked as a technician in the same TeamLogic IT franchise he now owns, it’s all about creating a culture that allows technicians to thrive.

“I’ve worked in some of the largest MSP firms, and from the technician’s perspective, working in a TeamLogic IT franchise is much better,” He says. “It’s large enough to have the buying power and the support, but it’s also small enough to be known and meet your career goals. In my office, we’ve established a culture of ‘we’re in this together,’ and we all share the same vision for the company.”

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