What is a TeamLogic IT Franchise?

Why Investing in a Top-Rated IT Franchise Is a Wise Choice

When you’re in the IT business, staying ahead of the curve is of paramount importance. TeamLogic IT, one of the leading IT franchises in the nation, has been ahead of the curve since our founding in 2004. By focusing on a comprehensive, solutions-based approach to IT services for small and medium-sized businesses, TeamLogic IT has helped usher in the concept of managed IT services into the mainstream.

What an actual TeamLogic IT franchisee had to say:

Before managed IT services became the norm, the industry was beset by a break-fix model – meaning that IT companies were only called when something was broken. However, in the age of cyberattacks, and the rise in popularity of e-commerce coinciding with a commitment to data privacy, businesses cannot wait until something goes wrong, because if it does, the results can be devastating.

Managed IT services is where TeamLogic IT excels. TeamLogic IT was created to become the go-to IT team for small and medium-sized businesses. We offer fast responses to IT challenges; but more importantly, we act as an IT advisor to our customers, monitoring their vital IT systems to prevent problems and eliminate downtime. We also analyze their businesses to recommend specific technology solutions that can help them grow. We’re not just the people that business owners call when something breaks; we are business partners who provide guidance and access to new technologies that can help make our clients more efficient, more secure, and ultimately more profitable.

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And there are plenty of businesses to help. According to Fundera, there are more than 33 million small businesses in the United States. This means that in every market, from large cities to suburban areas, there is ample opportunity to provide a meaningful service that will help keep your local businesses healthy and your local economy strong.

“TeamLogic IT franchisees support a wide array of businesses in their communities, everything from medical offices and engineering firms, to local hotels and nonprofit organizations,” says Chuck Lennon, Executive Vice President of TeamLogic IT. “Just about any business that depends on technology needs the help and support of TeamLogic IT. There are so many things that drive technology in small businesses, who are in turn struggling to find the right solutions for their company. This is what drives the growth of our business.”

TeamLogic IT Hits a Sweet Spot in the Market

According to CompTIA, “The United States is the largest tech market in the world, representing 33% of the total, or approximately $1.8 trillion for 2022.” Unsurprisingly, out of the $1.8 trillion, the biggest spend is on IT, which accounts for 30%.

While managed IT services was once a niche segment of the larger IT Services industry, it is rapidly becoming a dominant force. According to a report published by Grand View Research, managed IT services is expected to reach $120.44 billion by 2025. The firm reports that small- and medium-sized businesses are creating much of the projected growth:

“Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly using these services to make use of its numerous advantages for instance, controlled IT costs, increased efficiency and competitiveness, and reduced risk, among others,” the firm writes in a press release.

This is exactly what TeamLogic IT franchise owners help their clients with everyday. As their managed IT services provider, they not only keep their networks running smoothly, but they also provide valuable assistance with data security, transitioning to the cloud, consultation on what software to buy, and more, in order to deliver a customer-focused experience that allows their clients to focus on growing their businesses. And because managed IT services contracts are long-term, this creates the opportunity for a lucrative, recurring revenue stream. It’s a win-win.

“Our sweet spot, and where we do well, is in working with the companies that have outgrown their local IT service provider but are still too small to work with an enterprise IT company,” say Dan Shapero, President of TeamLogic IT. “In reality, every small business in the U.S. needs us to some degree. Business owners have never been more sensitive to their dependence on technology; IT drives productivity and, ultimately, profitability. We tend to talk very little about technology with our clients and a lot about business. What happens when their technology fails? How much will business be affected? We help our clients leverage technology to run their businesses better and more profitably—this is a services business, and customer service is king.”

You Don’t Need IT Experience to Own a TeamLogic IT Franchise

In a business that is so tech-savvy, you might think that you need to be a hyper-proficient IT professional to be successful with TeamLogic IT. While a large percentage of our franchise owners do have significant IT experience, many of our franchisees did not have any before franchising with us.

The reason why both groups succeed is because we’re extremely selective in who we award franchises to. We want to be sure that you have a passion for technology, your community, and are driven to run your business like a CEO.

New franchisees are supported from the moment they sign the franchise agreement, starting with TeamLogic IT University, a six-day, intensive training session on virtually every aspect of your new business that is held at corporate headquarters in Southern California.

“We are very hands-on with new franchisees,” says Patrick Spaan, Director of Franchise Development. “We require all TeamLogic IT owners to write a business plan annually. We teach our franchisees how to manage their businesses by looking at their financial statements, rather than using their checkbooks as a metric of how well their business is doing. We do one-on-one coaching sessions, we also host group sessions and members of our executive team routinely make trips into the field to assess our franchisees in their businesses. From a franchisee perspective, the expertise of our operational staff, training staff, product technology staff, sales staff and our marketing staff is only a phone call away. We’re accessible, but more importantly, we’re accountable.”

TeamLogic IT has leveraged its national franchise network to provide unique advantages to franchisees. One example: a 24/7 call center that end-users can use to get help. These solutions allow TeamLogic IT franchisees to offer amazing value to customers without having to be constantly on call.

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