What Kind of Training is Offered?

TeamLogic IT franchisees receive 6 days of training at headquarters and ongoing coaching

TeamLogic IT provides new owners six days of classroom training for two people at our headquarters in Mission Viejo, California, and an additional 27 hours of pre-opening training that is conducted online or through webinars and phone consultation. The training focuses on the company’s four operating systems: Employee Management, Financial Management, Sales & Marketing Management and Technical Management. Operations manuals are provided to support and reinforce the training and serve as an ongoing reference.

The training provides an overview of sales and marketing, the technology that powers the business and how to provide oversight, business and financial management and human resources. They also learn about all the resources that are available through the Business Management Support System, which provides a database of knowledge as well as a message board that connects all TeamLogic IT owners and technicians. It allows you to get quick answers to any tricky questions — assuming the corporate office doesn’t answer you first.

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“They do a good deal of providing structured training,” says Stewart Paul, who opened his first franchise in Philadelphia in April 2011 and has subsequently acquired 10 more TeamLogic IT franchises in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey market area. “The university they put on — which covers what TeamLogic IT stands for, the services provided, how to handle the business in terms of marketing and sales, and the technology — they are very good at giving you the information that you need. And they tailor it. Some people need more of one thing or more of another, and they have tremendous depth of knowledge, so you can drill down as deep as you want in any area.”

TeamLogic IT offers exceptional ongoing support

The week of training provides a broad overview of the business, but the long-term value comes in TeamLogic IT’s dedication to ongoing support. TeamLogic IT’s corporate team draws from a deep talent pool, thanks to the investment in the brand by Franchise Services Inc., which means franchisees have A-players supporting their business.

employees at TeamLogic IT franchises“They continue to support you if you have technology questions by providing marketing materials and tools, sales coaching, help with administrative questions and help with bookkeeping and accounting,” Stewart says. “They host webinars on a regular basis, which, if people don’t take advantage of, they’re crazy. They are excellent. I haven’t attended a webinar or a conference where I didn’t get something that I could bring into my business and have it pay dividends.”

Jim Hackett, who co-owns six TeamLogic IT offices in the Northeast Massachusetts area with his son Andy Hackett, says the expertise offered at the corporate level is invaluable.

“I’ve started and sold several businesses, but there are things to learn every day, and it’s great to have other bright minds in the room saying, ‘Have you thought about this? Have you thought about that?’ I’m a creative guy, not a numbers guy, and I’ve received a tremendous amount of help. I do annual business plans with [TeamLogic IT Executive Vice President] Chuck Lennon. He has provided great strategic advice, as well as tactical help.”

The time is now to open your TeamLogic IT franchise

With more than 225 franchise locations in almost 40 states, TeamLogic IT has become the premier technology services franchise, and it is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the growing managed IT services market.

“We’ve been in business since 2006, and we have been in the B2B space since we started,” Chuck says. “Our franchisees have not only the full support of FSI, but also the proven TeamLogic IT business model and the expertise of our executive team, which helps our franchisees run profitable businesses. We remain earnestly invested in continuing to add value to our franchisees in their businesses over the long-term.”

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