TeamLogic IT is Much More Than a Computer Repair Franchise

TeamLogic IT franchises can make urgent repairs, but our other services drive repeat business and revenue growth

TeamLogic IT is much more than a computer repair franchise. Yes, when a business suffers a hard drive failure or a catastrophic server problem, TeamLogic IT franchise owner and technicians rush to recover data and restore systems so the customer can get back to business. Often, though, that repair is just the start of a much more important relationship.

TeamLogic IT franchise owners enjoy a recurring revenue model that comes from building long-term partnerships with their clients. In addition to the “break-fix” work that is provided by other computer repair franchises, we act as consultants and ongoing IT support for small and medium-sized businesses to help our clients avoid downtime and improve the efficiency of their businesses. We offer customers managed IT services contracts that provide them a wide array of services — and predictable costs — while also providing a steady revenue stream for TeamLogic IT franchise owners.

How TeamLogic IT franchise owners help clients

There are more than 27 million small businesses in the United States, and more than 5 million of them are payroll businesses with fewer than 25 employees. When their computers or phone systems fail, their businesses suffer. TeamLogic IT was founded to provide the enterprise-level IT solutions that are associated with Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations to small and medium-sized businesses.

We consult with our customers — doctors, manufacturers, lawyers, PR professionals, financial advisors and more — to help them assess their IT infrastructure, diagnose issues and develop solutions. Unlike most computer repair franchises, our service goes much deeper than fixing a hard drive or installing a server — we work with clients to understand their businesses and provide solutions and recommendations to help take their businesses to the next level and provide additional security. TeamLogic IT franchise owners get to know their clients well. They meet with them regularly, along with technicians, to provide ongoing guidance and solutions.

For instance, in addition to recovering data from a failed hard drive or fixing a server, we can offer automated data backup to a business owner and can even set up a virtualized version of their desktop computers and network so they can access important files from anywhere — and retain the ability to do business even in the event of a disaster such as a fire, earthquake or tornado that might destroy their office.

We also offer system monitoring — a 24/7 service that alerts TeamLogic technicians to performance issues on computers, servers or mobile devices. Our tools allow technicians to spot and resolve issues remotely — fixing bugs or outages before a client even notices and preventing problems from cascading. Our monitoring system will also install updates and security patches automatically to keep clients’ data protected.

We help clients take advantage of software solutions to boost their business — such as software that helps them glean business insights from their customer transactions.

Once business owners realize that these solutions are available, many of them are happy to sign a contract for ongoing IT support and consultation. Those contracts form a base of reliable, predictable revenue that franchisees can rely on as they work to grow their business.

Learn more about TeamLogic IT’s business model and how it’s a win-win

The systems we provide to franchisees help TeamLogic IT franchise owners provide a wide range of services to customers and win more business and ongoing contracts. To learn more about our systems — which include a network of more than 200 technicians who work together to provide TeamLogic IT owners with unrivaled expertise — visit our research pages. For even more information, fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!